Saturday, November 22, 2008

A most excellent prank

Poor Allison did not know that at 12:05, life would through a surprising curve ball. She did not realize that she was being watched, filmed even, and that her students were also unaware of their impending situation. It all started when Allison began commenting to her fellow teachers how annoying it had been that her kindergarten students had cell phones going off in class. She asked me if that happened in second grade, and even wondered about one of my students, the sibling to one of hers whose phone went off a couple off times last week. It was happening enough, phones were ringing enough times in that kindergarten class that a quiet and unsuspecting teacher decided that just one more time, cell phones needed to ring. So in a sophomoric way that was oh so much fun, notes were passed, looks were exchanged, and instructions were whispered. Our work would need to be completed by 11:45 so that we would be in place for the prank to start at 12:05. One by one and in small groups, we crept into her room and placed our phones strategically in her classroom. Under books, in cubbies, and in the most unsuspecting of places we hid our phones. You would have thought we were in high school, the way we giggled! Such a prank has not been pulled in at least 7 years. At 12:05, we began our calls. from different classrooms around the school. And we waited. The video will attest that Allison was trying to write on the board, and heard a sound... and another.... and another.... "Are you KIDDING ME????" She came out with a handful of cellphones, and more were still ringing in the classroom. The teachers and students all giggled, and everyone would suddenly get quiet as they strained to hear the location of yet another ringing phone. It was a classic, and I have to give props to Cheryl. I never would have thought of such a beautiful plan, and it went off perfectly! All I have to say is, man, I wish I had thought of that!

Intro to Picassa

I was recently introduced to Picassa by a new facebook friend. I have been playing a little today, so nothing fancy I work my way to photographerness, I am learning so much! Hopefully there will be more to come. Cambria part II is Wednesday, so be watching!

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