Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Photo Shoot Out

Monday was a good day. Despite just learning that I have a herniated disc in my back, which totally sucks, I had an afternoon of photography to look forward to. Hanssie, and old (back to the Forest Home days, not old chronologically) friend has a photography business and we had chatted about getting a photographer field trip set up. I learned that the girl is organized, because she pulled it all together, and Monday arrived with the promise of beautiful weather and beautiful models. The day did not disappoint. Hanssie was a plethora of information, and Matt, her partner in crime also let me follow him around, ask questions, and get inspired by the talent. I will throw in a few pics here, but there are more, and I am going to learn how to edit them, so they'll look even better! I don't remember many of the names, but there was a heap of talent, and three fantastic models. Dustyn, Kenzie and Kree, thanks so much! You made it easy to take great pictures! Keep an eye out, there will be more to come! Oh, and a shout out to Matthew Saville who took my picture too! Thanks Matt! Quality work!!