Monday, September 21, 2009

Make more blog appearances

I have had this request lately.. from one in particular... "Are your pictures somewhere other than facebook? I'm not cool enough for facebook." Hm....regardless of the cool factor, (and she IS cool enough, she just doesn't realize it... I think she just doesn't want to violate the witness protection code or something!) I do need to make more appearances aside from facebook land. So I will do my best to get more up here. I would like to share lots of pictures, because I have had the great honor of working with so many talented people lately, including photographers who help me learn, models, who help me make great pictures, and a bride and groom, who helped me with my first real wedding experience. I will be working on editing as well- unemployment has given me time to work on keep your eyes opened. Wedding posts will be coming soon and I promise to do my best and give you a glimpse into my photographic world as it grows and changes. And yes... change IS good.

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