Saturday, February 27, 2010

Virtual Blogging

So I hope you've been able to keep up with all of the virtual blogging. What blogging you say? Ah yes... that...I visited the old blog today, and noted that the actual blog had not been attended to since October. Ack! The virtual blog, however, has been updated constantly, daily, sometimes hourly. I blog in my head.
Driving home from somewhere, shooting a wedding with a colleague who invited me along to second shoot, a trip to Disneyland, time with family and friends. I work through the words, the stories, the images, all in my head. And I blog. In my head.
But since you can't always get into my head, it's time I start getting those stories out. So I guess I can't say I am making a resolution, New Years or otherwise, especially considering it is nearly MARCH! But I will do my best to get the blogging to you, if you'll come along for the ride and follow my adventurous life.

Life has truly been adventurous lately, in the most unexpected of ways. Many thanks to those who have made those unexpected events most memorable. I am a better person because of your many gifts, and the chances you have given me to learn alongside of you. Here are a couple images to tide you over till I blog again...

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Brandi said...

beautiful work lady... love it.